A Deeper Look at the Mind-Body Connection to Our Head and Upper Chakras

{This blog is not a light read and is not meant to be read in a rush. It’s more of a deeper thinking and reflection.}

Have you ever curiously explored the anatomy of a human skull? Such as examining an anatomy model skull, pouring over an anatomy book, or going as far as curiously palpating another person’s head. I suppose, given my particular line of work, it goes without saying that I have an affinity for heads. 

The skull is this incredibly intricate container made perfectly to envelop the central nervous system and cerebral spinal fluid. Perfect in architecture, its design allows for our heads to be extremely resilient and yet extremely sensitive. 

It is a house for our eyes, ears, nose and tongue and our intelligence.  It’s instrument for our voice and  primary location from which we perceive (consciousness) and experience life, and if all channels remain open is an expression of our hearts.

It isn’t just the amazing design that fascinates me, it’s also the psycho-somatic (the body-mind) relationship and the energetic aspects of the head, that peak my interest. 

Think about it…
A great deal of our personal expression is produced in the face, throat, jaw, eyes, and voice. Every emotion we feel passes through the head. In our head-space, we experience and interpret what we gather from our senses. It’s where we store most of our memories, perceptions, beliefs, and habits. It’s a central point where thoughts synthesize from an idea into something physical (communication and creations) and are involved with our vocation, the things we stand for, and our will power. 

Streaming from our frontal cortex. our consciousness becomes the intersection point where our non-physical higher-selves entangles with our body. The window to our souls. The beginning and end-point of healing and expansion. 

Pain and dysfunction that occurs in the head region can represent repressed feelings, denial of personal or creative expression, or traumatic memories. Once we get beyond a certain point, the energy can become so blocked, excessive, or vacant, that we are unable to process new information, to recover from even the smallest of events, or to express emotions because we are afraid it will become too painful. A trauma or memory may be so lodged in the tissues and bones, backing up the flow of fluids and life force, and we find ourselves stuck in a standstill with our life purpose.

Health challenges can arise when we continue holding back how we really feel about things. When we aren’t able to express outwardly who we really are deep inside or stand up against injustice.  We hide our pain because of shame, or fear of rejection, or of being judged. Or possibly its external circumstances that we attribute to, or that we believe prevents us from fully embodying our true wild nature or serving our life mission.

Symptoms within the head region might indicate that you have a desire or will that isn’t being allowed voice or action. Chronic tension is building up and your fuse is shortening.  The energy spent stuffing it down will eventually lead to exhaustion and loss of meaning in life.

Do you have a desire to experience spiritual and human connection and a sense of purpose?

A desire to want to finally resolve these issues affecting your head-heart is an indication that you are ready for deep personal growth, your willpower is energizing and it is time to create change in areas of your life that currently feels thwarted. It’s time for a shift. A time of upgrade.

Healing our minds and our bodies isn’t easy work. Often times we must, in sorts, re-live a memory that we have been repressing or not wanting to face. Feelings must be felt before they can be released and feelings buried alive never die. Responsibility for the role we played in an event must be taken. At times, deep reflection and integration can be raw, vulnerable, intense, and humbling.

One will be made uncomfortable at times. There are times when we must release relationships that no longer not serve us and that includes our relationship to victim-hood. In some instances, we must confront our perceived internal or external predators and take a stand for ourselves, and for others –  challenged to speak our truth.

My invitation is this…Take time each day to honor your spirituality. Relish in the deeper meaning of things. Take time to do the personal work required to heal, develop and grow. Find YOUR own meaningful way to contribute to mankind. Trust and respect the messages conveyed by your body. It is your most loyal companion. Have courage and count your blessings! It all begins in the head.

May we all embody our wholeness! May we continue to keep our heads and minds open so that we may stay connected to Ourselves, Our Creator and to One Another. Blessings!

Here are a few
 questions you can chew over or some journaling prompts to get you reflecting on your own upper chakras. 

Have you experienced any health breakdowns or healing crisis’ that have to do with the head? I invite you to dig and uncover the root cause and deeper implications of that which ails you. It has been my experience, and that of many holistic practitioners, that full resolve to dis-ease does not occur until these underpinnings are addressed.

** Please note that the information provided here is a compilation of notes that the author compiled from Anodea Judith’s books Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind and Carolyn Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit. The questions are from author/speaker Carolyn Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit at the end of each chapter for chakra five through seven. I highly recommend this book for further exploration and self-examination of the chakras.

The Head corresponds with the upper three chakras:

Chakra Five “Throat Soul

Location: Throat
Element: Sound
Color: Blue
Function: Communication, Creativity
Inner State: Synthesis of ideas into symbols
Outer Manifestation: Vibration, Sound.

Body Parts: Throat, Thyroid, Para-Thyroid, Trachea, Hypothalamus, Neck Vertebrae, Jaw, Mouth, Teeth-Gum Issues, Esophagus

Mental-Emotional Issues: Strength of will and choice, personal expression, following one’s dreams, using personal power to create, addiction, judgment and criticism, faith and knowledge, capacity to make decisions.

Malfunction: Neck pain, sore throat, TMJ dysfunction, stiff and immobile neck, colds, thyroid problems, hearing problems, periodontal disease, mouth ulcers, problems in cervical vertebrae, scoliosis, laryngitis, swollen glands.


• Are you able to express yourself honestly and openly when you need to? If not,
why not?

• Do you trust guidance that has no “proof” of the outcome attached to it?

• What makes you lose control over your will-power?

• Who are the people in your life that have control over your willpower, and

• Do you seek to control others? If so, who are they and why do you need to
control them?

• Do you bargain with yourself in situations in which you need to change but you
continually postpone taking action? If so, identify those situations and your
reason for not wanting to act.

Chakra Six “Third Eye”

Location: Pineal/Pituitary Glands
Element: Light
Color: Indigo
Function: Seeing, Intuition
Essential Form: Vision, Imagining

Body Parts: Brain, Central Nervous System, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland.

Mental-Emotional Issues: Self Evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, feelings of adequacy, openness to ideas of others, ability to learn from experience, emotional intelligence.

Malfunction: Blindness, blurred vision, deafness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrains, brain tumor, hemorrhage or stroke, neurological disturbance, learning disabilities, seizures.


• What beliefs do you have that cause you to interpret the actions of others in a
negative way?

• What negative behavioral patterns continually surface in your relationship with

• What attitudes do you have that disempower you?

• What beliefs do you continue to accept that you know are not true?

• Can you recall instances in which you were confronted with a more profound
level of truth than you were used to hearing experiencing and you found the experience intimidating?

• Are you comfortable thinking about your life in impersonal terms?

Chakra Seven “Crown”

Location: Top of the Head
Element: Thought
Color: Violet or White
Function: Understanding

Body Parts: Muscular System, Skeletal System, and Skin

Mental-Emotional Issues: Ability to trust life, values, ethics, and courage, humanitarianism, selflessness, ability to see the larger pattern, faith, inspiration, spirituality, and devotion.

Malfunction: Energetic disorders, mystical depression, a chronic exhaustion that is not associated with any physical disorder, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, inability to learn, extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and other environmental factors.


• What questions have you sought guidance with during meditation or moments of prayer?

• Are you devoted to a particular spiritual path? If not, do you feel a need to
find one? Have you found surrogates to be devoted to? If so, evaluate your relationship to them?

• Do you feel your God is more authentic the Divine in other spiritual traditions?

• What spiritual truths are you aware of that you do not live by? List them.

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