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We know that achieving the greatest results with somatic therapies (bodywork) is created by developing collaborative partnerships. Building a relationship that is safe, supportive, and allows for open communication is of great importance to us. We encourage open expression because it allows us to be able to tailor our techniques for the greatest amount of effectiveness and enjoyment.

We knowledgeably sculpt the soft tissues weaving together a variety of techniques with precision of touch, patience, breath, body mechanics, and presence. To assist in relaxation and the restoration of form and function. Learn more about the techniques our Services.

We devise customized treatment plans that addresses each client’s specific therapeutic needs and preferences.  Most times, where the pain is, isn’t the origin of the problem.  That’s why we take a holistic approach to any imbalance. We investigate, looking at the whole pattern, with the intention of finding resolve. Providing resources to help you approach your wellness holistically – we offer tools for self-care, stretches, nutritional support, and questions to ponder. We can be catalyst for discovering the deeper meaning of what is underlying your ailment and are positive influences on your well-being.


We understand the effectiveness of warming up and befriending your muscles, so that they invite our touch, rather than resist it. We have discovered that when helping muscles to release, it is the speed and the quality of contact that determines the results. Far more than depth alone. (Read more on that in our Confessions of Massage Therapist Blog Series).

We have found that the greatest results with massage therapy occur when contact with the muscle fibers and fascia are made with intention and gentle speed. Higher quality strokes are more effective than shredding through your tissues with dozens of vigorous strokes.

Other Things We Have Learned During Our Many Seasons Providing Massage…

  • It takes a team. There is no one magic bullet when it comes to your health. It’s a culmination of many things consistently.
  • Consistency is key. Health and healing are not a luxury, they are a lifestyle.
  • Healing is a journey, that you never arrive at someday by doing that “one” thing, or by being comfortable.
  • Health is a culmination of your daily practices, what you fuel your body-mind with and your beliefs-attitudes.
  • We are fragile AND we are resilient.
  • Our bodies are capable of amazing healing abilities, especially when given nourishment.
  • The goal isn’t to fight the pain, the goal is to listen to it. It has a message.
  • We are responsible for our own health.
  • Our bodies are our most loyal companions. We only get one. We are their protectors and advocates.
  • My health belongs to me. AND I can’t do it alone. Support is necessary.

Together, may we embody our health and wholeness!

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