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Are you a therapist searching for the right place to offer your services?

We are seeking a therapeutic massage therapist with 6+ years in the massage/holistic health field to join our small group. We are looking for a seasoned therapist who has devoted their career to the healing arts and enjoys working alongside other like-minded practitioners. We are a boutique private practice that offers clients a highly customized, detail-oriented, expert-level massage experience.

This is an Independent Contractor Position
– You manage your own schedule
– You design your own treatment plans
– Great Pay + 100% Gratuities
+ Commissions on retail sales (no selling required, just opportunity)

We Provide:
– Beautifully furnished treatment rooms and reception office
– All service equipment, utilities, and office supplies
– Established and ever-growing professional networks
– Marketing and administrative support

The Perks:
– Our office is in a professional office building w/ a private parking lot
– Conveniently located near I-70, 6th Ave., C-470, & Colfax Ave.
– Our peaceful space is fully equipped, soundproof, clean, and organized
– Beautiful brand and marketing materials
– All systems are in place, so you can focus on your clients and spend less time managing every single aspect of running your business which means more energy for yourself, your family, and your hobbies
– No need to purchase, design, and write a website
Owned and operated by a therapist with 16 years’ experience (as a therapist and business owner), a B.S. in Business Management, and a fabulous office manager.

If this opportunity sounds like it may be just what you’re looking for, please submit a cover letter along with your resume, telling us a bit about yourself, your style of work, and why this opportunity speaks to you.

Must be CO licensed, insured and have 6 or more years of experience in massage/bodywork.

Why are we looking for 6+ yrs?

1. The founder-therapist of our practice is looking for a highly-skilled therapist to whom she can refer some of her clients as she cuts down her caseload. Someone with advanced TMJ or Cranio-Sacral Therapy training would be an excellent fit. We are looking for a therapist whose level of experience is comparable to what we currently offer.

We specialize in therapeutic bodywork and work mostly with complicated and consistent cases (rehabilitative and beyond), so we are seeking someone who:
• Has a high degree of hands-on experience, who is competent and professional
• Has a dynamic understanding of all the aspects of being a massage therapist, beyond the actual massage itself
• Has experience building clientele and fostering strong client-therapist relationships
• Is comfortable promoting themselves and has a broad understanding of the massage industry

2. We are looking for a therapist who has chosen massage as a career path – who cares deeply about the work,  the results they deliver to their clients and who is looking for a place to root their practice.  

Chances are if a therapist has made it past their 5th year, they probably love what they do. So much so, they have weathered a few storms (tests and trials), they have learned a few things along the way and are still standing. 

3. Six years in, a therapist has likely experienced different work environments – spas, medical offices, and/or has tried being in private practice. Those experiences will have likely given a therapist clarity about what environment they would thrive in and can appreciate a good place when they find one.

4. Our office is a small and intimate environment – which is precisely what people love about us. This makes it extremely important to us that we find a therapist who can work harmoniously with our team and who brings just the right energy to our space.

This is a unique and special opportunity for a seasoned therapist who wants to offer high-quality client care in a creative community and whose intention it is to grow their practice organically and sustainably.

Golden, Lakewood, Arvada, Evergreen, Wheat Ridge.

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