Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: When Hiring a Housekeeping Manager Really Pays Off

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Some of the most relaxing and profound bodywork I’ve experienced is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT).  When I first entered the intro class, I went into it skeptical, but I left it with a very different take. After receiving several sessions in class, I felt lighter, refreshed and definitely curious to know more.   For those of you who may not be anatomy enthusiasts, or are otherwise unfamiliar with the lymphatic system, allow me to give you [...]

A Larger Perspective of Whats Involved in Bodywork

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Do you ever think about where your food comes from - what all went into growing it, or preparing it, and how it got to your plate? Let's take organic strawberries. A person or group owns and maintains a plot of land. Tending a healthy field is no small operation. They nourish and protect its soil (from contaminants, weather damage, and pests). Someone plants the seeds and helps make sure they are watered the right amount. [...]

14 Ways to Love and Protect Your Body: #5 – Have Your Medicine Cabinet Prepared

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“By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin Wouldn’t you agree that having everything you need to mend a new injury immediately after the traumatic event occurs, will lead to a better outcome? Or that having medicine on hand will help you avoid getting the worst of the symptoms. It’s not the wisest of choices to wait until you are sick or injured to go the store to pick up your basic healing [...]