A Deeper Look at the Mind-Body Connection to Our Head and Upper Chakras

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Have you ever curiously explored the anatomy of a human skull? Such as examining an anatomy model skull, pouring over an anatomy book, or going as far as curiously palpating another person’s head. I suppose, given my particular line of work, it goes without saying that I have an affinity for heads. It isn’t just the amazing design that fascinates me, it’s also the psycho-somatic (the body-mind) relationship and the energetic aspects of the head, that peak [...]

The Hidden Benefits of Cranial and Visceral Manipulation

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) and Visceral Manipulation (VM)  is surprisingly gentle, yet has deep and profound effects. In a certain respect, less is more. It is more accurate to say that it is the correct interaction with the involved bodily systems that makes this work so powerful. These integrated therapies offer perspectives that can help sufferers of low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and other pain patterns that plague many people.  They can help improve structural [...]

A Larger Perspective of Whats Involved in Bodywork

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Do you ever think about where your food comes from - what all went into growing it, or preparing it, and how it got to your plate? Let's take organic strawberries. A person or group owns and maintains a plot of land. Tending a healthy field is no small operation. They nourish and protect its soil (from contaminants, weather damage, and pests). Someone plants the seeds and helps make sure they are watered the right amount. [...]

14 Ways to Love and Protect Your Body: #5 – Have Your Medicine Cabinet Prepared

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“By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin Wouldn’t you agree that having everything you need to mend a new injury immediately after the traumatic event occurs, will lead to a better outcome? Or that having medicine on hand will help you avoid getting the worst of the symptoms. It’s not the wisest of choices to wait until you are sick or injured to go the store to pick up your basic healing [...]

Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy Can Help Alleviate Headache and Neck Pain Naturally

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It is no wonder that pain in the head, neck, and jaw can be so nerve-wracking. The pain doesn't have far to travel to inform the brain. It impinges on our ability to think clearly and otherwise feel like ourselves.  Without proper function, everyday activities like eating, sleeping, talking, yawning, sitting peacefully, listening, or seeing without sunglasses - become challenging. Are you finished with having tension headaches and stress zapping the joy from your body and interfering with [...]

14 Ways to Love and Protect Your Body: #3 – Understand Basic Human Physiology & Nutrition

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Confessions of a Massage Therapist In an ideal world,  we would all carry knowledge about how to care for our body. Healthfulness would be emphasized more comprehensively during our formative years. We would learn human physiology (how the body functions) and nutrition to the same degree we do math and reading. This knowledge would be passed along to us from our tribe - our parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and caretakers. It would be a cultural thing.  [...]

A Brave Woman’s Choice to Get Off Opioids for a More Holistic Approach in Healing

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 Almost three years ago, a client was referred to me by an acupuncturist who knew that I specialized in neck and jaw work. When Megg first started coming to me, she experienced weekly migraines, that would sometimes knock her horizontal for days…blinds down, all noise silenced, blankets over-head. She hadn’t experienced life without headaches for almost a decade. She also hadn't been able to open her jaw more than a finger width wide before it got [...]

14 Ways to Love and Protect Your Body: #2 Build a Holistic Health Team

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There is no single ONE thing, no magic bullet approach, that will deliver you to everlasting pristine health. Maintaining good health and healing requires an integrative holistic approach AND it takes a team of allies to support us on our journey. Building a holistic health team is the greatest way to ensure graceful aging because no one escapes injury, time, wear-n-tear, disease, or pain. We are all exposed to and harbor viruses. We all encounter trauma. [...]

14 Ways to Love and Protect Your Body #1: Bodywork

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There is no denying that we are bombarded with a plenitude of poor influences on our health every single day. Go to any gas station, corner store, movie theater, or entertainment establishment and you are left with hardly any choice but to offend your body. It benefits us to counterbalance the impact the toxins we are exposed every day has on us.  Especially if you are someone who doesn’t want to take their health for granted. Then finding [...]