How to Have Your Expectations Met During Your Massage Treatments

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Confessions of a Massage Therapist: Expectations – Part II 

How to Have Your Expectations Met During Your Massage Treatments

In part I, we looked at what results you can expect, from receiving massage and bodywork. Let us also consider what each of us can do, to better have our expectations met when participating in somatic therapies.

I’d like to offer ways you can influence your own experience, that might help you in achieving the best results. These are things I’ve encountered on my own journey, as a giver and receiver of bodywork.

Even after becoming certified in massage therapy, I discovered that I had a difficult time vocalizing my wants/needs in my sessions with my own providers. I found my sessions to be greatly beneficial, but I also suspected that if I had shared my feelings more, that I could have improved my experience and the outcome.

This was easier said than done. Through trial and tribulation, I have had to navigate through plenty of my own self-imposed limitations, learned lessons on what to do, and not do. I’ve encountered mismatches, and have been challenged to disband my natural propensity for being loyal to others, over being loyal to myself.

As we all must, if one wants to achieve health – I have had to assume responsibility for my well-being. I am a student of my body, learning to identify and express what my personal needs are, as well as my boundaries. I dedicate countless hours researching, attempting to find answers to what modern medicine doesn’t offer.  On a daily basis I must discipline myself to have healthy lifestyle practices, and defend myself against the perpetual health offenders prevalent in our culture. I accept that it is no one else’s job, to keep me healthy and living true to my intentions.  

My own journey in health has coincided with my desire to have my clients feel safe to share and entrust information with me that is pertinent to our sessions together. My ultimate goal is to have maximum results, by forming a partnership that allows me to better meet them where they are.

It’s awesome to have a results-driven therapist, but when you involve yourself in the process, together, extraordinary results can be achieved.That is the beauty of the relationship you can build with a therapist, when they are a good match for you. 

Eventually, you can build a network of holistic providers, whom you have consistent care from, to help you sustain health. Whether that means weekly visits, monthly, when you are in town, in crisis, or are READY to do the personal work necessary for the most graceful purpose-full life. 

It is essential, that we feel safe in the company of the practitioners we work with. Enough so, that we allow ourselves to be open and honest, despite feeling vulnerable. Find practitioners who are masterful and fluent in the languages of the body. Whose touch is present, precise, and patient. Make sure the practitioners you choose are reliable and who will skillfully investigate, looking for the root cause of the challenge or issue you are having; addressing not just the symptom. Remembering that their is no magic bullet approach, only a patient holistic one.

It is a gift to have someone who knows how to find those tender spots, you didn’t even know you had. Someone who listens closely, responds accordingly, makes a positive impact, and who honors being a sacred witness to your healing.

Receiving bodywork is a collaborative relationship. In order to optimize your experience, it is crucial that you openly express your experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant with your practitioner. Open communication allows your therapist to adjust and tailor their technique. It allows them to devise a customized treatment plan that addresses your needs, and makes a world of difference in the outcome you create, working together.

After giving it a great deal of thought, I’ve created is a guide to help you experience bodywork that goes beyond expectations. Steps each of us can take, to maximize our results and potentially have some healing happen. 

8 Tips for Having Your Expectations Met in Your Bodywork Sessions

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