Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy Can Help Alleviate Headache and Neck Pain Naturally

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It is no wonder that pain in the head, neck, and jaw can be so nerve-wracking. It impinges on our ability to think clearly and otherwise feel like ourselves. The pain doesn’t have far to travel to tell the brain. Without proper function, everyday activities like eating, sleeping, talking, yawning, sitting peacefully, listening, or seeing without sunglasses – become challenging.

Are you finished with having tension headaches and stress zapping the joy from your body and interfering with your life?

What would it be like to have the pressure bogging you down lifted? To have the capacity to be more present and able to concentrate? And be able to enjoy your precious time more comfortably?

Perhaps you feel that taking pain meds doesn’t offer you a long-term solution. Or feel that extensive dental procedures aren’t entirely addressing the root cause. Maybe you prefer to take a holistic approach to end your pain cycles.

Did you know that there is another natural,  non-invasive option that doesn’t involve numbing out? That help you to address your condition more effectively and efficiently.

I invite you to come experience a Neck/TMJ ‘Headache Relief’ treatments for yourself so you can be reminded of what it feels like to have the tension turned down a few notches and have a light shined on what is going on in your head, neck, and jaw.

What is a Neck/TMJ Treatment? 
This therapy is an infusion of Neuro-Muscular Techniques and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, woven together to alleviate symptoms associated with neck and TMJ dysfunction such as, tension headaches, migraines, neck pain, vertigo, and facial pain. We focus on releasing the musculature in the entire neck, head, jaw, and face – including the muscles inside the mouth. 

This type of treatment is helpful in:

  • Decreasing the frequency and intensity of headaches and/or neck pain
  • Helping to break cycles of clenching, grinding, deviating or jutting the jaw
  • Increasing your ability to open and close your mouth comfortably, with less popping and/or pain
  • Alleviating symptoms of vertigo or tinnitus (depending on the origin of the condition)
  • Discharging tension that is robbing and exhausting you
  • Expanding your capacity to handle life’s challenges by taking a load off the nervous system
  • Facilitating healing from the impact of trauma
  • Improving mental clarity and the ability to concentrate and focus attention (including ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia)
  • Enhancing the quality of your life by heightening body awareness, promoting restful sleep and stimulating euphoric states

This month we would like to invite those of you who suffer headaches, or discomfort in your neck to come experience our signature Headache Relief Treatment. Explore whether bodywork can help you get back feeling like yourself again.

During the month of March purchase…
One 75 Minute Neck/TMJ Treatment and get a 75 Minute Follow-Up Treatment…$185 ($200 Value)

Having two back to back sessions will allow you to get a feel for this specialized treatment option. If you experience beneficial results from the work, then you can decide if you’d like to continue onto a series. 

*If your symptoms are chronic (months or years), or are to the point of dysfunction, like persistent headaches, lockjaw, vertigo, or tinnitus, then I highly recommend doing a  longer series (case by case assessments); because it will take a few sessions to release all the layers and start to re-pattern the habit.


If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, but you still have questions or concerns, I totally understand. I would too. I want to make sure; that we are a potentially good match and that you are ready at this time to open that can of worms. That is why I offer a free 30-45 minute consultations.

If you are ready to get started now, book your initial treatment than let’s get this show on the road.

Feel free to call or email us with any further questions, or simply book your free consult or initial session and we can discuss it at the time of your appointment.

During a 30-45 minute free consultation, we will
→ discuss your symptoms
→ explain our style and approach
→ answer any question you might have
→ allow you to receive a sample of what the treatments feel like

If you would like ideas of what else you can do to help maximize your results here are a couple resources on natural remedies for headaches, how to achieve the best results when working with holistic practitioners and other ways to love your body.

Here is to living an embodied life!

Shalene Zarate, LMT, NMT, CST

Beyond being a massage therapist, Shalene’s calling is to help deepen the relationship her clients have with their own nature, by helping them re-establish a close relationship with their bodies, and with the foods and lifestyles that nourish them. 

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