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Embodiwork Integrative Massage Menu:

We provide highly personalized, detailed bodywork. We never perform one size fits all routines.
That’s why our treatments  typically run longer than an hour. Offering the highest quality, client-centered bodywork requires patience.
We promise, you won’t want to leave the table!

75 Minutes…$100
90 Minute…$120
120 Minutes…$150
3 Hour…$225

Focused Area Treatments
45 Minutes…$60
60 Minute…$80

Add Raindrop Technique to your massage…$15

Learn more about Raindrop here…

Session May Include:
º Therapeutic Neuro-Muscular Massage
º Neck/TMJ Treatments for Headache Relief
º Sports & Medical Massage
º Cranio-Sacral Therapy
º Aromatherapy Using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
º High-Quality Lotions, Massage Oils, & Analgesic Creams

**Seniors (62+) and Full Time Students Receive 10% Off.

12 Months of Consistent Care

Benefits Include:

· 10% Savings on first monthly visit (15% Seniors & FT Students)

· 15% Savings on any subsequent treatments within a monthly cycle (20% Seniors & FT Students)

· 15% Savings on all gift certificates

· 10% Savings on all retail product and 5% on consigned items

· Memberships cover all members of your household (significant others, children, parents)

· No Hassle Checkouts (Payments is handled automatically on chosen billing date)

· Customized Treatment Plans specifically for you

· No Gambling on getting a good therapist, you know who you’ll get every time

Prepaid Packages are available for 75 Minute – 3 Hours Treatments. They may be shared among friends and family and can be used as gift certificates. Custom Packages are available upon request.

Four Packs – 10% Savings
Six Packs – 15% Savings
Eight Packs – 20% Savings

**Seniors (62+) and Full-Time Students Receive an Extra 5% Off.

Pain Management Programs are personalized rehabilitative protocols designed for those:

· Recovering from an injury or managing chronic pain

· Suffering from headaches or persistent, neck pain, or TMJ dysfunction

· Undergoing surgery and/or physical therapy

· Determined to improve their posture and quality of life

These programs are guaranteed to improve the overall recovery process, a significant reduction in pain, and improved quality of life.



4 Series (4 Week Programs) for less severe and less chronic symptoms

6 Series (6-8 Week Program) for medium/moderate or persistent symptoms

8 Series (8-10 Week Program) for more severe and chronic conditions

· Highly personalized treatment plans based on client goals, assessment, & progress tracking

· A Self-Care Kits for at home use between visits for maximum results

· Follow-up support (via email or phone)

Our programs work best before and in conjunction with physical therapy or other strength training regimens.

For more information about our programs, please call 720.231.4288,, or book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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