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Whitney Waugh, LMT, helps her clients alleviate chronic pain, improve overall well-being, and enhance performance. She enjoys working with people who want to improve the way they feel on the regular.

As a licensed bodywork professional, Whitney’s work incorporates Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Healing Touch therapies. Her integrative approach facilitates life-changing results. Whitney’s therapeutic touch displays compassion and presence. She treats a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries while assessing and balancing the energetic system of the body.


Whitney began her journey into holistic health during her undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Biology from 2005-‘09. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University. With the intention of becoming a doctor, she embarked on a mighty dream to help people feel better. Little did she know there was another study of the body that propelled her along a unique path to where she is now.

Much to the initial chagrin of her parents, Whitney fearfully decided to follow her love of dance to graduate school instead of attending medical school. She earned her Masters in Fine Arts from Arizona State University in ‘12. She received her certification in massage from Colorado School of Healing Arts in ‘16.

Whitney immediately began working as a massage therapist in a chiropractic clinic through her newly founded business, Living Essence Massage & Bodywork, LLC. She provided massage focused on injury rehab and alleviating chronic pain. She moved her practice to Embodiwork Studio for Integrative Massage in July ‘17.

Whitney loves animals and nature, is an artist/teacher/dancer/choreographer, and an avid “foodie.” She grew up in New Mexico and Nashville, Tennessee. a gut feeling led her to move to Colorado in June ‘13 with her wife and dogs. They now have a couple of long-haired dachshunds fur babies. Whitney also owns and runs her own professional modern dance company, Whitney Waugh Dance, and teaches the youth modern dance program at Littleton Ballet Academy.

Whitney enjoys reading books that teach her something and considers herself a professional student. She loves music and believes whole-heartedly in the power of movement, whole foods, meditation, herbs, and essential oils. When she isn’t dancing or providing bodywork, you can find her snuggling with her fur babies, writing, hiking with her wife, taking a tai chi class, or eating nutritious food.