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March Featured Specials

Basic Raindrop with Sinus Treatment 

This aromatherapy technique integrates the application of 9+ therapeutic-grade essential oils with integrative massage techniques to loosen the musculature surrounding the spine and shoulders. It supports the immune system against foreign invaders and helps reduce the presence of inflammation and pain. While warm towels are setting, a craniosacral adjustment and facial massage using oils specifically to open your sinuses. This treatment is perfect for anyone recovering from head colds or sinus infections.

60 Minutes…$85
($100 Value)

Immune Boosting Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Raindrop Technique

Boost your immune system with a 90 Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Raindrop Technique. 

**Please note a detailed health history will need to be discussed prior to receiving LDM to make sure there
are no contraindications to this type of treatment based on your health history.**

90 Minute…$105
($135 Value)

One 75 Minute Neck/TMJ Treatment + One 75 Minute Follow-Up Treatment 

This month we would like to invite those of you who suffer headaches, or discomfort in your neck to come experience our signature Headache Relief Treatment.

Come discover if bodywork can help you in alleviating persistent head pain. Be reminded what it feels like to have a loose neck and lowered shoulders…to have the stress turned down a few notches…a less clenched jaw…and literally be more open-minded.

Having two back to back sessions will allow you to get a feel for this specialized treatment option. If you experience beneficial results from the work, then you can decide if you’d like to continue onto a series. 

Two 75 Minute…$185
($200 Value)

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