July Featured Specials

We are thrilled to introduce you to  Caitlin Granier, LMT , our newest therapist!

Caitlin has been practicing bodywork for 11+ years in Kentucky. Her husband’s work brought them on an adventure here, and she is excited about this new beginning at Embodiwork. Back home, she spent some time instructing at the school she was trained at and served 9 yrs. providing pre/postnatal and pediatric care for growing families. Over the years she has worked alongside a number of healthcare professionals which has broadened her understanding of the human body and of holistic health care.

Her techniques are an integration of several therapies including Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Oncology Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pre/Postnatal and Pediatric Bodywork. Learn more about Caitlin here...

As a little celebratory gift for you – to introduce you to her work
 Caitlin is offering all clients a Grand Opening Specials: 
30% off 
all treatments scheduled with her through July 31st.
*Limited one per client.

Neck/TMJ Rehabilitative Four Series:

This month we would like to invite those of you who suffer chronic neck pain or headaches to come to experience our signature Headache Relief Program. This 4-8-week rehabilitative series will help you significantly reduce persistent-chronic pain.

Sessions One and Three will be an Integrative Neck/TMJ with Shalene Zarate
Sessions Two and Four
will be Cranio-Visceral Manual Therapies with Joseph Shindoll
or visa versa (they alternate)

Four x 60 Minute Weekly or Bi-weekly

4-8 week program…$ 320.00

Four x 75 Minute Weekly or Bi-weekly

4-8 week program…$ 400.00

These programs are designed to help you:

Decrease the frequency and intensity of headaches, migraines, and other persistent pains

Reduce mild to severe tension and stress that is robbing and exhausting all systems

Help discontinue the habit of clenching, grinding the teeth

Soften hard tendons near the TMJ that are causing your jaw to pop or click and making it difficult to open or close your mouth

Lessen the impact from physical and emotional stress-trauma on the body

Diminish discomfort caused by whiplash, extensive dental work, and rehab a dislocated jaw or TMJ discs, etc…

Reduce symptoms of vertigo or ringing in the ears (depending on the origin)

Restore sensation and disrupt numbness or tingling in the face, neck or ears

Improve head posture and realign asymmetries in the tone of the muscles used to chew

Enhance your ability to handle stress by helping your body regulate stress-related symptoms, (insomnia, exhaustion, confusion, mental fog, body-aches, high blood pressure, immune function decline)

Unwind habitual patterns in the nervous system, muscles, and joints

Improve mental clarity, and the ability to concentrate and focus attention (including symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and concussion)

Re-synchronize natural bodily rhythms, leading to feelings of peace and harmony

Enhance the quality of your life

We understand if you have questions or concerns. We do offer a free 30-45 minute consultations if you are curious about whether this might be useful for you but aren’t sure yet. During a consultation, we will:

→ discuss your symptoms
→ go over our style and approach
→ answer any question you might have
→ allow you to receive a sample of what the treatments feel like and an idea of what you can expect
→ schedule your sessions if you decide to move forward and send you home with your intake forms

You can also call our office ph.720.726.6545  or email with any questions.

Upgrade Any Massage with a 30 Minute Reflexology Session 
for $25 ($20 Savings)

75 Minute Session  
45 Minutw Focused Area Massage + 30 Minute Foot Reflexology Session…$92.50

90 Minute Session 
60 Minute Focused Area Massage + 30 Minute Foot Reflexology Session…$115

105 Minute Session
75 Minute Integrative Massage + 30 Minute Foot Reflexology Session…$137.50

2 Hour Session
90 Minute Integrative Massage + 30 Minute Foot Reflexology Session…$160

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     Rolyn Prest Sombra Cool Therapy Natural Relieving Gel - 4 Oz Jar

25% off all Sombra Pain Relieving Gels

Sombra Cool Therapy and Sombra Warm Therapy gels are natural pain relieving gels. They help take the edge of sore muscles and joints. Great to have in your medicine cabinet for when aches and pains arise.

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