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May Featured Specials

Mother’s Day Aromatherapy Signature Treatments:

Honor a special super mom with some much-deserved pampering. All Mother’s Day Aromatherapy Signature Treatments includes her choice of essential oil scent + warm aromatherapy-infused neck and foot towels finished with a delectable dark chocolate truffle.

Back, Head, Neck, Shoulder and Facial Massage
Allow this hard working-woman to pause and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with this tension-melting massage.

45 Minute…$60

Full Body Relaxation Treatment 
This blissful full body treatment is designed to uplift her spirits and let her know she is adored and cherished. The essential oil used will enliven her senses. This session will complete with a refreshing head and facial massage. A gift she will love and appreciate!

75 Minute…$105
90 Minute…$125
2 Hour…$145

Meet Our New Practitioner!

Introducing Joseph Shindoll
For more than 25 years, Joseph has been helping people find solutions to their pain naturally using holistic manual therapies to achieve better balance and improve overall function and performance. His work is an integration of hands-on therapies, some of which include Cranio-Sacral and Visceral Manipulation techniques (focused in biomechanical, neural, lymphatic, circulatory and pressure systems). His therapies are especially useful for healing trauma including auto accidents and concussions, rehabilitating all types of injuries, and managing chronic pain. Learn more about Joseph here… 

As a Grand Opening Gift all of Joseph’s patrons will be receiving a 15-minute free upgrade coupon.

Joseph is a rare find and we are honored to have his brilliance and talent here at Embodiwork. You just have to experience his bodywork to experience how phenomenal it is!