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About Us

Embodiwork Studio for Integrative Massage, Inc. provides therapeutic bodywork for individuals experiencing pain and headaches; helping them to mend and prevent injuries, so they can continue to do the activities they love, and feel better than they have in years.

Founded by Shalene Maestas-Zarate. With the help of her business partner/husband and a wonderful community of supporters, they have created a beautiful haven for relaxation and restoration. After nearly a decade and a half practicing massage, 6 of which were running a wellness center, Shalene re-located and renewed her vision. This is her "phoenix".

In the summer of 2017, Embodiwork expanded when they moved to a larger suite in their building and were joined by two very talented therapists - Natalie Vimont and Whitney Waugh

Our Style & Approach

We know that achieving the greatest results with somatic therapies (bodywork) is created by developing collaborative partnerships. Building a relationship that is safe, supportive, and allows for open communication is of great importance to us. We encourage open expression because it allows us to be able to tailor our techniques for the greatest amount of effectiveness and enjoyment. We devise customized treatment plans that addresses each client’s specific therapeutic needs and preferences. Holistic Approach: Most times, where the pain is, isn’t the origin of the problem.  That’s why we take a holistic approach to any imbalance. We investigate, looking at the bigger picture, with the intention of finding resolve. Providing resources to help you approach your wellness on all levels - we offer nutritional support, tools for self-care, stretches, and questions or insights to ponder. We are catalyst for discovering the deeper meaning of what is underlying your ailment and are positive influences on you health and well-being.
We patiently sculpt soft tissues using a wide range of therapeutic techniques, precision of touch, breath, body mechanics, and awareness (presence + knowledge); to assist in relaxation and the restoration of form and function.
Learn more about how we work on our Services page.

Philosophy & Form

We understand the effectiveness of warming up and befriending your muscles, so that they invite our touch, rather than resist it. We have discovered that when helping muscles to release, it is the speed and the quality of contact that determines the results. Far more than depth alone. (Read more on that in our Confessions of Massage Therapist Blog Series).
We have found that the greatest results with massage therapy occur when contact with the muscle fibers and fascia are made with intention, and gentle speed. Higher quality strokes are more effective than shredding through your tissues with dozens of vigorous strokes.

Other Things We Have Learned During Our Many Seasons Providing Massage...
• It takes a team. There is no one magic bullet when it comes to your health. It's culmination of many things consistently.

• Consistency is key. Health and healing are not a luxury, they are a lifestyle.
• Healing is a journey, that you never arrive at someday by doing that "one" thing, or by being comfortable.
• Health is a culmination of your daily practices, what you fuel your body-mind with, and your beliefs-attitudes.
• We are fragile AND we are resilient.
• Our bodies are capable of amazing healing abilities, especially when given nourishment.
• The goal isn’t to fight the pain, the goal is to listen to it. It has a message.
• We are responsible for our own health.

• Our bodies are our most loyal companions. We only get one. We are their protectors and advocates.
• My health belongs to me. AND I can’t do it alone. Support is necessary.
Together, may we embody our health and wholeness!


"After 15 years of chronic headaches, neck problems, painful jaw popping and lock jaw; I'm finally able to experience longer stretches of life without migraines thanks to Shalene. The intensity of the pain I had in my back and shoulders is now manageable, the numbness in my fingers is gone, and I have made much progress in my restorative pilates training. I am once again able to sing, chew food, travel, and I am sleeping so much better.

  I always look forward to my next treatment. I know that no matter what we work on, her integrative style, I will leave me feeling significantly better than when I got there. Shalene has such an intuitive touch, the heart in her work is palpable. She genuinely loves helping people feel their best! If you want to remember pain-free living, you really must try Shalene’s bodywork."

Client Since 2015

"Sitting at the computer all day has caused me to struggle with neck, shoulder and back pain. I originally came to Shalene to alleviate my chronic tension, relax more, and decompress from work and travel. The combination of therapies that Shalene provides have really made a difference for me! Every session is different and I completely trust her intuition to know which of her modalities will help me that day. Over the past year or so, I’ve benefited so much from her massage therapy, TMJ work, craniosacral work and even raindrop therapy. I appreciate that she is able to both address specific pains and also allows me to totally relax. Grateful to have found her and am healthier because of our work together!

Doug Kalish, 
Client Since 2015

"I have suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for over ten years now, have had four surgeries and still experience ongoing problems with slowness, stiffness, and the associated tightness of muscles and pain. I have been getting massages now for about eight years from Shalene, and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. She is a wonderful masseuse, and beyond that though a caring person and excellent caregiver. She took the time to learn about Parkinson’s in order to help me better, and her thoughtfulness and thoroughness has made a big difference in my life.

Mary Jo Hines, 
Client Since 2007

"I originally came in to see Shalene for two reasons. . . One, because all of my friends said she was amazing, and two, because I’ve had chronic pain in my shoulder and neck due to a twitch and I needed some help.  Since I’ve started seeing Shalene, she has helped me with neck and shoulder pains, issues with my jaw, frequent headaches, raindrop treatments and much more.  I also love the essential oils she uses!  Every time I leave my appointments I feel so relaxed.  Within the next few days, I can feel my body settling back into place and my severe pain starts to go away. I love the calm nurturing energy that Shalene brings to each session and she is always so friendly, no matter how frantic I may be when I come in for my sessions.  She also has a great way of explaining what she is doing and why my muscles hurt in a way I can understand.  I tell as many people as I can about Shalene so they too can experience her incredible gift.  I will continue to recommend her.  Thanks Shalene for all of your help.

Cristina Baker
Client Since 2014

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