The Head and the Mind-Body Connection

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Have you ever explored the anatomy of a human skull? Such as examining a model skeleton, visiting an exhibit at the museum, viewing an anatomy book/poster, or curiously palpating someone’s head.

The skull is this incredibly intricate container made perfectly to envelop the brain and cerebral spinal fluid. Perfect in architecture, it is designed to be extremely resilient and yet extremely sensitive. It is the seat our our senses, house for our eyes, ears, nose and tongue. It is a palace for our consciousness and instrument for our voice. The primary location from which we experience life.

It isn’t just the amazing design that fascinates me, it’s also the psycho-somatic (the body-mind relationship) and the energetic aspects of the head, that peak my interest. Given my line of work, it goes without saying that I have an affinity for heads.

A great deal of our physical expression manifests through the face, throat, jaw, eyes, and voice. It’s where our thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs originate. Ideas form into creations, communication, and behaviors.

In our minds we experience and interpret what we gather from our senses. It’s the hub for our habits and where we store most of our memories. Every emotion we feel is felt in the head.

Our consciousness streams from it’s frontal cortex. It’s center, the intersection point where our non-physical higher-selves entangles with our body. The window to our souls. The beginning and end-point of healing and expansion.

Dysfunctions that occur in the head region can represent repressed feelings or memories – lodged in the tissues and bones, blocking flow of fluids and life force. Basically energy, unable to be processed or expressed.

Health challenges can arise when we continue holding back how we really feel about things, or who we really are deep inside; for fear of something, such as rejection or of being judged.

This might indicate that you have a desire or idea that isn’t allowed to be considered, or is being restricted. Such as an external circumstances, that are preventing you from fully embodying your true wild nature.

Traumas of the head can sometimes indicate a deep personal need for growth, or a longing to experience spiritual connection and sense of purpose, that now feels thwarted?
Perhaps there is an incongruence between the reality being experienced and a desired reality. A perpetual conflict between mind and heart.

  • Do you ever feel confused or unclear about your what your purpose in life is? 
  • Do you have creative ideas that are not being expressed in physical form, or do not have a channel or outlet?

The head corresponds with the upper three chakras:

Chakra Five “Throat Soul

Location: Throat

Element: Sound

Color: Blue

Function: Communication, Creativity

Inner State: Synthesis of ideas into symbols

Outer Manifestation: Vibration, Sound

Body Parts: Neck, Jaw, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands

Malfunction: Sore throat, stiff neck, colds, thyroid problems, hearing problems

Chakra Six “Third Eye”

Location: Pineal/Pituitary Glands

Element: Light

Color: Indigo

Function: Seeing, Intuition

Essential Form: Vision, Imagining

Body Parts: Eyes

Malfunction: Blindness, blurred vision, headaches, nightmares, eyestrains

Chakra Seven “Crown”

Location: Top of the Head

Element: Thought

Color: Violet or White

Function: Understanding

Body Parts: Brain, Central Nervous System

Malfunction: Depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, inability to learn

Have you experienced any health breakdowns or healing crisis’ that have to do with the head?

I invite you to dig and uncover the root cause and deeper implications of that which ails you. It has been my experience, and that of many holistic practitioners, that resolve to dis-ease often does not occur until these underpinnings are addressed.

Healing work isn’t easy work. Often times we must, in a sorts, relive something that we have been repressing. Fears must be faced. Feelings must be felt before released. And responsibility taken, for the role we played in it.
Healing can be raw, vulnerable, and intense. One might be made uncomfortable. There are times when one must release relationships that no longer not serve (if they ever did to begin with, if you know what I mean) Including their relationship to victimhood. In some instances, we must confront our perceived internal or external predators and take a stand for ourselves, and for others. We are challenged to speak our truth.

This goes with all areas of the body, but especially in the head region…forgiveness work is of great importance and is an ongoing process. Often times our perceptions and beliefs must be righted, in order for true forgiveness to take hold. Self forgiveness being the most difficult, but also the most powerful and transformative.

The outcome, and the reason for doing the work, is that the past loosens it’s grip, so that we are able to move beyond it and begin to love more fully. We get to reclaim our power and no longer live as fragmented beings in a world we have no control.

The quality of our lives improves and joy and gratitude overrides our pain and grief. Not easy, but well worth the price paid for our efforts. Everyone benefits because we bring our best selves forward.

Healing ourselves is the first step to healing our planet. Just as Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” At this point in time, healing is our only chance for humanity to sustain itself. We are continuously on the brink of war and collapse, and the health of our planet, is in need of significant repair. Healing IS the only way out, lest we destroy ourselves.

My invitation is this…take time each day to honor your spirituality. Relish in the deeper meaning of things. Take time to do the personal work required to heal, develop and grow. Find YOUR own meaningful way to contribute to mankind. Trust and respect the messages conveyed by your body. It is your most loyal companion. Have courage and count your blessings! It all begins in the head.

May we all embody our wholeness! May continue to keep our heads and minds open so that we may know God. Blessings!

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