The Value of Sharing Feedback

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Confessions of a Massage Therapist

As massage therapists, our main job is to listen. We must listen to the verbal communication provided by our clients and we must be able to attune to subtle (and not-so-subtle) cues from the body. It’s of utmost importance that we are good at it. For example, we are constantly observing your response to our touch in multiple ways – we pay attention to your breathing patterns, if your muscle ”pushes” back against our pressure, or if you tighten up or wince.

While we may be able to perceive tightness and other nuances, we aren’t able to feel the same sensations that you do. And we are not mind readers. (Thank goodness!!) Your feedback is not only encouraged, but vital to the outcome.

We like to get some of your perspectives and insights and there are several benefits to sharing what you experience in your body.


Speaking about how you felt on a somatic level helps anchor you in your body, bringing your attention inside. Vocalizing your sensations throughout your session shifts your attention to your body. Being able to articulate what you are feeling provides personal clarity and empowerment. Mind-body connection.


It’s no secret that things come up when we receive bodywork. We invite you to let us know when you feel a referral sensation (when we are touching one spot and you are feeling it somewhere else). Or you notice a memory that shows up. Not only does this add depth to the session, but also helps us understand how you are experiencing the treatment.

Since we want to see you on a regular basis as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, it’s important that we know how we can better serve you each time. One way we can get to know you on a deeper level is if you share what you are sensing or what is bubbling up for you. If we left it open to interpretation, then we may never know how much progress we are making or the full scope of your transformation. Open communication is key.


Describing sensations during and after your massage means that your memory of it will be clearer and more accurate. It’s similar to dream-journaling. You probably won’t remember the details if you wait until later that night to try to write it all down. The processing of your treatment begins immediately but can take a couple of days to fully unfold, so sharing your thoughts with us actually “jumpstarts” the progress.


Speaking about your experience doesn’t mean you need to find words for everything, it just means to go with what you know right now. Your intuition. Ultimately, you always have the “say-so” on what is said or not said. This is simply an invitation. An encouragement to journey inside, have a witness to share your experience with, and create more depth. It enriches your sessions with us and strengthens our bond.

From superficial to sacred.

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