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Caitlin’s bodywork helps people feel more comfortable in their bodies and supports them in improving their personal wellness so they can walk away more integrated and ready to take on their life. Using an integrative approach, Caitlin tailors her treatments specifically for her client’s bodywork needs. She helps them uncover the roots of an issue, in order to produce the most benefit and long-lasting results.

From an early age, Caitlin’s interests included an array of topics involving the arts, sciences, and adventures in fitness. Delving into research on the importance of human touch she became determined to uncover what she believed was vital to health. Her curiosity about the healing arts led her to massage school and she quickly fell in love with the broad range of subjects covered and learning the language of bodywork.

Since acquiring her massage therapy license in early 2007. Caitlin has worked with a variety of health specialists including chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, orthopedic surgeons, naturopaths and more. Over the course of her 11 years in practice, her experience in integrative healthcare really helped her to hone her skills and expanded her understanding of human structure and function.  

For nine years, Caitlin worked as one of two prenatal massage specialist at a center for expecting parents in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. She enjoyed caring for her clients throughout the whole journey of pregnancy and being a part of their wellness beyond pregnancy. Becoming certified in pre and postnatal massage and training in care for the baby, deepened her knowledge of the birthing process and how bodywork enhances family wellness.

Later in her practice, Caitlin was asked to join the faculty of the Lexington Healing Arts Academy, where she had received her initial training. She instructed students on how to address specific issues with clients and treatment planning and the fundamentals of deep tissue therapy, oncology massage, and applied kinesiology. Her intention was to inspire these future therapists.

Caitlin has spent the past few years practicing privately alongside her mentor, and 39-year massage veteran, Ann Boone. It was during this time Caitlin feels she found her own style and began to grow into her own as a professional therapist.  

Caitlin and her husband recently moved to Colorado from Kentucky. She is excited to join the Embodiwork community and continue to learn and grow. When she isn’t providing bodywork, she enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, swimming, exploring, meditation, crafting and cooking. Having been born and raised in Woodford County, Kentucky, she also appreciates being surrounded by nature and is loving everything Colorado has to offer.