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For more than 25 years, Joseph Shindoll has been helping people find solutions to their pain naturally using holistic manual therapies to achieve better balance and improve overall function and performance.  He has been known to help clients make connections within themselves that were previously unnoticed and inspire insights into the emotional realms of health and healing.

He graduated from The New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research Massage Therapy program back in ‘92. What attracted him to this school was that it had an East-West focus. He credits the education at The New Center as a great introduction to holistic health.

Receptive to broadening and deepening his skill set, he exposed himself to Lauren Berry Work; a system with a strong bio-mechanical orientation. His desire to understand biomechanics better led him to pursue the osteopathic-based systems of Muscle Energy Technique and Strain Counter-strain, the yang and yin of using position and contraction or relaxation to affect position tone and movement of a joint.

His perspective on bio-mechanics was substantially broadened when he was introduced to Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. These are subtler more intricate forms of touch therapy and his skill-perception became more refined. Following this immersion in osteopathic philosophy and technique, he pursued a greater understanding of how to perceive and treat the whole person body-mind and spirit.

Manual Therapy Education

  •        New Center or Wholistic Health Education and Research Massage Therapy (1991-92)
  •        Lauren Berry Work (1994-95)
  •        Neuromuscular Techniques (1994) Peggy Daugherty (early student of Paul St. John
  •        Craniosacral Therapy (1994-96) Upledger Institute
  •        Visceral Manipulation (1995-97) Frank Lowen
  •        Therapeutic Horizons (1996-2001) Frank Lowen and Sharon Giammatteo
  •        Integrative Manual Therapy (1996-02) Sharon and Tom Giammatteo
  •        Biovalent Systems (2000-03) Frank Lowen

His studies have included everything from the psycho-therapeutic realm of Gestalt, Psychodrama, NLP, and the Enneagram. To the movement arts of Pilates, Yoga, Hanna-Somatics athletic conditioning, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and other Martial arts. Along with therapeutic models of Homeopathy and Bach Flower, Functional Medicine and German Biologic Medicine.

He is experienced in working with injuries to the nervous system, dental trauma, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, whiplash, spinal and cranial surgeries, etc. Visceral manipulation is very effective in treating scar tissue from surgery, as well as digestive, pulmonary, and menstrual issues. Joseph’s real skills aren’t in the variety, they are in the unity.

He describes his style like this, “It’s the whole person approach. I use hands-on therapy as a doorway into the treatment with the person – physically, mentally & emotionally. I dialogue, listen and find the best way to meet the person where they are at that moment. I help raise the client’s “ceiling” of comfort. Pain, in general, is a protective mechanism that I treat gently and work to implement changes through the entirety of my treatments.” Read more about Joseph here…

A little more about Joseph….

Joseph grew up in Denver and has lived and traveled throughout the United States. His first career was as a Chef in New York. In addition to his pursuits in mastering his crafts, Joseph and his acupuncturist wife have been raising their college-aged sons; who are currently collegiate athletes in lacrosse and football.

Joseph enjoys walking and hiking – combining time outside with self-reflection or good company. He stays connected with his body through some basic movement patterns.

He reads widely within and outside the field of rehabilitation. His current interests include perspectives on pain, neurologic function and rehab, and ever-deepening considerations on the composite nature of being. Away from therapy reading includes popular science, psychology, mythology, storytelling, and spiritually rendered poetry. Joseph consciously utilizes systems thinking in everyday life, finding patterns and seeing relationships rather than getting lost in culturally overutilized myopic perspectives.

In short, he’s a rare find. We are honored to have his brilliance and talent here at Embodiwork. You just have to experience his bodywork to get a glimpse of what it is. It’s phenomenal, is what it is!