As an avid athlete, Kevin became increasingly fascinated with the human body and its intricacies and complex interactions. In his quest to understand health and peak performance, he saw massage therapy as an effective and holistic approach to enhance performance and decrease recovery time. 

Kevin grew up near the front range and graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1996. As a scientifically-minded, intuitively led, Christ-centered practitioner, he is passionate about helping his clients. In his 25 years in practice, he has continued to study a wide range of modalities – from Sports Massage to Feldenkrais, to Soft Tissue Release Techniques. 

When he’s not helping his clients; he works full-time in cybersecurity.   In his free time, Kevin enjoys time with his wife, working out, exploring the outdoors, and playing with their dogs.  He loves learning, teaching, and listening to podcasts on varying topics from gardening to finance.

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Client Testimonials:

“My experience with Kevin has been nothing but good.  He is excellent as a massage therapist. Just a few weeks ago I had back surgery at the L4, and L5, S1 bilaterally.  Kevin performed a message to loosen my low back and especially my right leg muscles. He was very careful not to irritate my incision area.  After the massage, he told me to be sure to call him if I had any discomfort from the massage.  I had some discomfort, however, Kevin kept in contact with me for the next couple of days and gave me some exercises to do to relieve the muscle spasms.  I feel great.  I would highly recommend Kevin as your massage therapist.”


“I would like to recommend Kevin Davidson as a very well-trained and extremely intuitive therapist and bodyworker. His knowledge of the many aspects and levels of good health are remarkable. I trust his skills and treatments, all of which are extremely relaxing and healing. Above all, his kindness and true caring are a real gift to any person seeking a healing and therapeutic session with him.”


“Meeting Kevin has been such a bright light in my life.  I have not met someone so grounded and empathic in a very long time.  Kevin’s calming voice and demeanor at all times, but especially when I happen to be engaging him during my many wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massages, exemplifies peacefulness. I have come to know that Kevin is honest and caring, and dedicated in all that he does.“


“What I feel distinguishes Kevin from other therapists: highly intuitive– instinctively knows which areas of the body need attention and how to most effectively release tension and stress from those areas. Extremely knowledgeable and has a plethora of tools in his toolkit for addressing every issue under the sun when it comes to the body! Knows how the different parts of the body function and how they function together so he is able to address functionality issues within the body more effectively and holistically. Has a driving passion to be in service and help others which is clearly felt in his attention to detail and persistence in his bodywork to help clients reach the highest states of functionality.”