I began my career in the holistic health field 24 years ago working for two natural food stores. The knowledge I accumulated over the years about nature’s medicine helping people choose natural products (foods, supplements, and body care) combined with my education and reinforced by my lifestyle practices…Well, let’s just say, I can’t help but be a good influence on your health.

I earned my 700-hour certification from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in ‘02. After 3 years in practice, I returned to get advanced specialized training (A.O.S.) in Advanced Neuromuscular and Cranio-Sacral Therapy ’05-06 and have been studying and mastering my craft ever since.

From ’08 -’14, I embarked on a venture founding a small wellness community from scratch in Wheat Ridge, CO. After 6 years, I experienced burnout and a healing crisis that led my family to relocate to the mountains, to live closer to nature. I wanted more than anything to focus my attention on my clients, rather than the daily operations of a 7 room center. I released my duties, shortened my commute, and moved further west to Golden, where I practiced until we moved.

In the summer of ’19, my husband led a team in opening the Natural Grocers in Pagosa Springs, CO. We moved our family across the state and both set up shop in this beautiful mountain town. It was an honor to have served such wonderful clients for 17+ years in my hometown. However, we feel so blessed to have found a place to root ourselves.

In December ’22, I received my certification as a Holistic Wellness Coach (Holistic Nutrition Consultant) at the American College of Health Care Sciences. One more accomplishment in the direction of my ultimate goals.

In case you are interested in knowing more…

I am a 3rd generation Coloradan raised in the western ‘burbs of Denver…I am a dirt-loving, health nut who delights in food, cooking, and the arts. Outside work you will find me tromping around the mountains with my family (and our dog Dexter), tinkering in my greenhouse, dancing to live music, stretching in my aerial hammock, or soaking in the hot springs. Otherwise,  I’ll be reading, writing, researching, and listening to podcasts…because this lady is an eternal student.

I am fully committed to taking time to tune into and attend to my own body and health so that I can continue to provide high-quality bodywork for many years to come and hopefully pass on what I’ve learned.