I officially began my career in the holistic health field 22 years ago working in the natural food industry. The knowledge I accumulated over the years about nutrition and natural medicine helping people choose supplements, body-care products, and natural foods, combined with my education, and reinforced by my own lifestyle practices…Well, it makes a partnership with me of great value to your health.

I earned my 700-hour certification from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in ’02. After 3 years in practice, I returned to get advanced specialized training (AOS) in ’05-06 and have been studying ever since.

From ’08 -’14, I embarked on a venture founding a wellness community ‘Resonance Center for Bodywork’ from scratch in Wheat Ridge, CO. After 6 years, I experienced burn-out and a healing crisis that made me realize it was time to change directions. My family and I relocated to the mountains to live closer to nature. I wanted more than anything to be able to focus my attention on my clients, rather than the daily operations of a 7 room center. And so,  I released my duties and shortened my commute by moving my practice to Golden. Embodiwork Studio is my Phoenix. The evolution continues…

In the summer of 2019, my husband was offered the opportunity to help open the new Natural Grocers in the beautiful town of Pagosa Springs, CO. So we moved our family across the state and have both set up shop in the historic downtown, a block away from the hot springs. Honored to have served such wonderful clients in my hometown for 17+ years. We also feel blessed to have found a place to root ourselves.

I will soon be a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant (December 2022).

In case you are interested in knowing more…

I am a dirt-loving, tree-hugging, health nut, who delights in food and art. You will often find me philosophizing, learning new things, or listening to awe-inspiring stories. I am a 3rd generation Coloradan, raised in the western ‘burbs of Denver. When I am not doing that, I am likely tromping around the mountains or soaking in the hot springs in Pagosa Springs with her family. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, cooking, jammin’ to live music, gardening, and aerial yoga.

Dedicated to a path of mastery in my bodywork craft, and with the intention of passing on what I know, I am fully committed to taking time to tune into and attend to my own body, listening to its messages…so that I can continue to provide high-quality bodywork for many years to come.