Visitors / Tourists

Our small private practice provides client-centered, customized therapeutic massage.
Our therapists have both been practicing for over two decades and are qualified to work with people who have pain
and injuries and have more complicated cases that require a higher degree of training and hands-on experience.

More than just a relaxing massage, our approach is best performed as a series or longer session times.

If you are a tourist looking to receive a massage…
please note that we operate a little differently than the local spas/resorts do.

# 1. We are scheduling with tourists who are interested in receiving
longer sessions or
a series of therapeutic sessions with us.
# 2. Reservations are best scheduled in advance;
please no
 last-minute bookings.
# 3. If you only have time for a single session,
we require a minimum 2-hour session (see menu below).

**We only have one therapist on duty at a time and cannot book people simultaneously,
however, we can sometimes do sessions back-to-back.**

Single Sessions:

2 Hour Sessions…$160.00
2.5 Hour Sessions…$199.50

3 Hour Sessions…$239.50

Therapeutic Integrative Series:

Two Series
6o Minutes…$165.75
75 Minutes…$ 205.00
90 Minutes…$ 245.00
2 Hour Series…$ 315.00

Three Series
6o Minutes…$314.50
75 Minutes…$ 299.25

90 Minutes…$ 356.25
2 Hour Series…$ 242.50

Four Series
6o Minutes…$314.50
75 Minutes…$ 388.50
90 Minutes…$ 462.00
2 Hour Series…$ 592.00

* Four packages can be split between 2 people *

If you want a stronger understanding of why we work this way with tourists, Shalene has written about this in greater detail in her blogs:
Why I Prefer Working on Someone More Than Once and Why the First Session Is My Least Favorite

Thanks for Visiting Our Website! Enjoy your visit to our beautiful mountain town!