Visitors / Tourists

If you are a tourist looking to receive a massage…
please note that we operate a little differently than the local spas/resorts do.

# 1. We are scheduling with tourists who are interested in receiving
longer sessions (2 hours+) or
therapeutic series.
# 2. We are no longer taking last-minute bookings.
# 3. If you only have time for a single session,
we require a minimum 2-hour session (see menu below).

Our small private practice provides client-centered, customized therapeutic massage.
Our therapist has been practicing for over two decades and is qualified to work with people who have pain, injuries, and more complicated cases that require a higher degree of training and hands-on experience.

More than just a relaxing massage, our approach is best performed as a series or longer session times.

Single Sessions:

2 Hour Sessions…$160.00
2.5 Hour Sessions…$199.50

3 Hour Sessions…$239.50

Therapeutic Integrative Series:

Two Series
6o Minutes…$165.75
75 Minutes…$ 205.00
90 Minutes…$ 245.00
2 Hour Series…$ 315.00

Three Series
6o Minutes…$314.50
75 Minutes…$ 299.25

90 Minutes…$ 356.25
2 Hour Series…$ 242.50

Four Series
6o Minutes…$314.50
75 Minutes…$ 388.50
90 Minutes…$ 462.00
2 Hour Series…$ 592.00
* Four packages can be shared between 2 people *

**We only have one therapist on duty and cannot book couples simultaneously,
however, sometimes we can do back-to-back sessions .**

If you want a stronger understanding of why we work this way with tourists, Shalene has written about this in greater detail in her blogs:
Why I Prefer Working on Someone More Than Once and Why the First Session Is My Least Favorite

Thanks for Visiting Our Website! Enjoy your visit to our beautiful mountain town!