September Featured Specials

25% OFF All 45 Minute Focused Area Treatments 
During a Focused Area Treatment, we will dial into specific troubled areas to help release the building tensions, reduce pain and speed up recovery. A great way to spend a lunch break,  help mend a boo-boo, or to come to sample our work.

Choose the area you want to focus on:

Head, Neck and Shoulders 
For headache relief, neck tension or pain, issues concerning the jaw, high stress and episodes of vertigo (dizziness).

Back, Hips and Shoulders 
For back, sacral, or shoulder pain, recovery from physical activities, and high stress.

Legs and Feet 
For plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, sore calves, leg cramps, sprained/strained ankles, tight IT bands, any other imbalance.

Hands and Arms 
For hand or wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion injuries, numbness and tingling in the upper extremities, or shoulder joint pain.

Psoas, Hip Flexors, Low Back and IT Bands 
For low back/hip pain, sciatic nerve entrapment, discomfort in the hip flexor/groin, herniated discs, tight legs, and troubles lifting heavy objects or getting up from sitting or lying.

45 Minute… $50.65 

**Cannot be combined with any other offer including Senior Discount**

$15 OFF Any Two Hour Treatment

If you have never experienced a two-hour massage, you will quickly discover how much more attention each area gets and surprised how fast time flies when you are having quality time with your body.  Enjoy $15 OFF all 2-hour sessions in September.

On Sale!

     Rolyn Prest Sombra Cool Therapy Natural Relieving Gel - 4 Oz Jar

25% off all Sombra Pain Relieving Gels

Sombra Cool Therapy and Sombra Warm Therapy gels are natural pain relieving gels. They help take the edge of sore muscles and joints. Great to have in your medicine cabinet for when aches and pains arise.

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