April-May Featured Specials:

trapezius massage

45-Minute Focused Area Treatments… $60

Tune-up sessions for mending weather-related or winter sports injuries, offsetting too many hours couped up inside, or preparing to amp up for summer sports. Choose the area you want to focus on.

Head, Neck, and Shoulders 
For headache relief, neck tension or pain, issues concerning the jaw, high stress, and episodes of vertigo (dizziness)

Back, Hips and Shoulders 
For back or sacral pain, recovery from physical activities, and high-stress

Legs and Feet 
For plantar fasciitis, sore calves, tight IT bands, low back pain, or any other imbalance

Hands and Arms 
For hand or wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion injuries, numbness and tingling in the upper extremities, or shoulder joint pain

Psoas, Hip Flexors, and IT Bands 
For low back/hip pain, sciatic nerve entrapment, discomfort in the hip flexor/groin, herniated discs, tight legs, and trouble lifting heavy objects or getting up from sitting or laying

Peak Performance Four Series 
(4-8 Week Massage Programs)

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Series for athletes who want to perform their best, prevent injury, and mend the normal wear and tear associated with their sport. Beneficial for individuals who are training for upcoming events, are pushing their bodies to their limits, or are a project and need a massage for some serious rehabilitation.

Four x 75 Minute Weekly or Bi-weekly
4-8 week program…$ 378

Four x 90 Minute Bi-Weekly 
4-8 week program…$ 450

These programs are designed to help you:

 Enhance performance

Prevent injury and damage done by wear and tear from activity

Decrease recovery time and maximize energy efficiency

Increase strength, flexibility, and range of motion

Decrease the likelihood of cramps, spasms, charlie-horses, and strains

Encourage detoxification and adequate circulation

Help mend old injuries that are dampening your abilities

Facilitate more body awareness