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Purchase One Therapeutic Massage, Receive the Second Massage 33% Off

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Two – 45 Minute Sessions…
($20 Savings)

Two – 60 Minute Session…
($26.40 Savings)

Two – 75 Minute Sessions…

($33 Savings)

Two – 90 Minute Sessions…

($39.60 Savings)

Two 2 Hours…

($49.50 Savings)

Two 3 Hours…

($74.25 Savings)

Sessions May Include:
Therapeutic Massage
Neck / TMJ ‘Headache Relief’ Treatment
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Relaxation Massage
Foot Reflexology

$10 OFF All Raindrop Tx Upgrades…

Developed to support the immune systems against foreign invaders and reduce the presence of inflammation-pain; this aromatherapy technique integrates the application of 9+ therapeutic-grade essential oils with massage to loosen up the musculature surrounding the spine and shoulders. These deeply penetrating plant molecules help clean and nourish every system in your body.

Basic Raindrop (60 Minute)

A series of essential oils will be layered on top of the spine, and then a warm towel will be applied to drive the oils in deeper. The remaining time will be spent massaging the hands, feet, or neck, to drive the oils in deeper.

Basic Raindrop with Focused Area Massage (75 Min)
Includes the application of essential oils to the spine, warm towel application, and followed by massage therapy on focused areas of tension, pain, or discomfort.

Basic Raindrop with Sinus Treatment (75 Min)
Includes the application of essential oils to the spine. While warm towels are setting, a craniosacral adjustment and facial massage using oils to support the respiratory and immune system. This treatment is perfect if you are recovering from a head cold, stuffy head, or sinus infections. *There is an extra $5 Fee for the additional oils used in Sinus Treatment

Raindrop with Integrative Massage (90 Min)
Includes Basic Raindrop with 60 Minute Integrative Massage

Deluxe Raindrop (Two Hr)
Includes Basic Raindrop with 90 Minute Integrative Massage

The oils work synergistically in aiding your body by:
Protecting you from illness by supporting your immune system
Speeding up the recovery time from cold or flu (or other pathogenic infections)
Reducing inflammatory response, encouraging quicker healing
Alleviating pain, especially in the back and neck
Promotes relaxation and better sleep
Enlivening your body, mind, and spirit
Delighting your senses

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