January Featured Specials

Focused Treatment for Pain Relief

Have you been looking for relief from pain? 
Loss of range of motion, nerve pain, numbness, tingling, disrupted sleep, or loss of full-function?
An old injury that just hasn’t properly mended?
A surgery that was not followed by enough therapy afterward?
Pain that one day just crept up on you and just hasn’t gone away?

A focused rehabilitative treatment may be just what the dr. ordered.
We will focus on finding the source of your discomfort, begin to return function;
so that you can get back to life before this. If you find your therapeutic massage to be beneficial, we can set up on a customized rehabilitative program to fit your needs.

60 Minute Session…$75 ($90 Value. Limit 1.)

If you have never been to see us before, please call or email us if you have any questions.
We offer 30 minute free consultations (by phone or in-person) if you want to meet us, discuss your case,  and
see if you think this might be the next step in solving your issue.

Committed to taking better care of your body this year and beyond?
Bodywork is a pillar in self-care.

Our lifestyle programs are perfect for those who want to get at least one massage every month.  

This month: 
Become a Member for 6 months
and Receive an Extra 5% Off Your Membership Benefits!

Lifestyle Membership Benefits Include:
· 15% Savings on first monthly visit and upgrades (20% for seniors & students)
· 20% Savings on any subsequent treatments within a monthly cycle
· 20% Savings on all gift certificates and upgrades (20% senior/students)
· 10% Savings on all retail products and 5% essential oils & consigned items
· All members of your household are included in your membership
· No-hassle checkouts (payments are handled automatically on chosen billing date)
· Customized treatment plans designed specifically for you
· No gambling on having a therapeutic experience with a skilled therapist

60 Minute Membership…$76.50
75 Minute Membership…$95.65
90 Minute Membership…$114.75
120 Minute Membership…$136.00

If you would like to continue after 6 months, you will have the option to renew
for an additional 6 months at the same special rate.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, but you have questions or concerns, we totally understand.
We want to make sure this is the best option you have working with us.

If you are ready to get started now, book your initial treatment than let’s get this show on the road.
Feel free to call or email us with any further questions, or simply book a free consult and we
can discuss it at the time of your appointment.

During a 30-45 minute free consultation, we will
→ meet one of us and discuss your symptoms
→ explain our style and approach
→ answer any question you might have

Please reach out to us! 

On Sale!

     Rolyn Prest Sombra Cool Therapy Natural Relieving Gel - 4 Oz Jar

25% off all Sombra Pain Relieving Gels

Sombra Cool Therapy and Sombra Warm Therapy gels are natural pain relieving gels.
They help take the edge of sore muscles and joints.
Great to have in your medicine cabinet for when aches and pains arise.

Want to give someone the gift of healthy therapeutic touch?

Gift Certificates for All Occasions!

Thank You’s
New Parents
Get Well
Employee Appreciation

Buy Gift Certificate Now

* Members receive member discount (contact us for details)

Print, text, or email (please note, we do not ship unless you notify us directly).
If you would like to purchase a printed gift certificate, please call our office @ 720.726.6545 or email us.

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