February Featured Specials:


Two 75-Minute Neck/TMJ Treatments

This month we invite those of you who suffer headaches, or discomfort in your neck, head, or jaw to experience our signature Headache Relief Treatment. Having two back-to-back therapy sessions will allow you to experience significant and lasting relief from this rare style of work. Learn more about this therapy here or on our newest blog.


Valentine’s Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage w/ Foot Reflexology
& Dark Chocolate Truffle

This Lover’s Day delight is sure to leave your honey feeling cherished.

This seasonal treatment involves aromatherapy-infused warm towels applied to the feet, followed by heavenly foot reflexology. The time remaining will be spent enjoying a relaxing nourishing aromatherapy massage formulated for emotional upliftment. Complete with a delectable dark chocolate truffle.

90 Minute…$135
120 Minute…$170