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trapezius massage 

Trio Integrative Bodywork Series

This 3-session series is a great opportunity for people who have a lot going on in their body and could use a few sessions to get back to baseline.

Three x 60 Minute Sessions$216
Three x 75 Minute Sessions…$270
Three x 90 Minute Sessions…$324
Three x 120 Minute Sessions…$405

Tailored specifically for your needs…
Integrative sessions may include:
Therapeutic Massage
Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Neck/TMJ Treatment
Raindrop Technique
Foot Reflexology

*Upgrade any session with Raindrop Technique…$20

Two 75 Minute Neck/TMJ Treatments…$185

Are you nagged by headaches, neck pain, or TMJ dysfunction?
Come experience our signature Neck/TMJ ‘Headache Relief’ Treatment.

If you have head pain, there is a good chance this pattern has been forming for some time.
Having two back-to-back sessions will allow us to get through more layers of tension and for better longer-lasting results.

This program is designed to help you:

~ Decrease the frequency and intensity of headaches, migraines,
and/or persistent pains in the upper regions of your body

~ Reduce tension and stress

~ Decrease clenching and grinding the teeth

~ Lessen clicking/popping, and difficulty opening-closing your mouth

~ Diminish the effects of trauma caused by whiplash, extensive dental work, jaw/disc dislocation, etc…

~ Turn down the volume on vertigo (dizziness and/or nausea)  or tinnitus (ringing in the ears – depending on the origin)

~ Disrupt numbness or tingling in the face, neck, or ears, and restore sensation

~ Improve head posture and realign asymmetries in the tone of the muscles

~ Enhance your ability to handle stress and regulate stress-related symptoms naturally
(insomnia, exhaustion, mental fog, body aches,
blood pressure irregularities, immune function decline, etc.)

~ Improve mental clarity, and the ability to concentrate and focus attention
(including symptoms associated with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and concussion)

~ Re-synchronize natural bodily rhythms, leading to feelings of peace and harmony

~ Greatly enhance the quality of your life

If you are uncertain about whether this type of treatment is right for you, Shalene offers a
30-minute free consultation to discuss your condition, the therapy to see if it sounds like something you want to explore…

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