July Featured Specials:

Therapeutic Massage Series
These highly customized sessions are designed for individuals who are rehabbing an injury (new or old). Having more than one bodywork session in a row can be incredibly effective at helping to alleviate persistent tension and pain/discomfort.

This month we would like to invite you to experience:
2-3x consecutive treatments over the span of a couple of days at a special rate.

Two x 60 Minute Sessions…$125
Three x 60 Minute Sessions…$187.50
(62.50 ea.)

Two x 75 Minute Sessions…$157
Three x 75 Minute Sessions…$235.50
($78.50 ea.)

Two 90 Minute Sessions…$189
Three x 90 Minute Sessions…$283.50

Limited to one person only.

Great for locals and those taking a vacation in Pagosa. 

Bodywork Can Help:
 Faster more efficient recovery from all types of injuries, including surgery
Reduce the intensity of spasms, cramps, stiffness, swelling, & soreness
Increase circulation & nutrients+O2 delivered to overtaxed cells
Increase strength – flexibility – and range of motion
Reduces restrictions imposed by scar tissue
Maximize energy efficiency
Mend wear-n-tear

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