There is no denying that we are bombarded with a plentitude of poor influences on our health every day. Go to almost any store, restaurant, or entertainment establishment, and you are left with hardly any choice but to offend your body.

Yet, if you don’t want to take your health for granted, then finding ways to counterbalance the impact of living life on planet Earth is required. Here is an incomplete list of things we can do to live a lifestyle aligned with health.

1. Have a basic understanding of human physiology

Having a basic understanding of physiology (the study of how the body functions) ought to be common knowledge, taught in schools because we only get one body and it does require some maintenance if you want to enjoy quality of life for years to come.

Understanding how our organs function, interdependently, and what building blocks (foods) we need for them to keep working, puts us at a major health advantage. But it’s up to us;  we have to obtain the knowledge ourselves.

2. Concern yourself with what you put in and around your body.

Are there any toxins you can avoid in your immediate environment, that you are exposed to every day? Some are unavoidable because of their wide use, which we don’t have control over. Our drinking water, building materials, fuels, paints, the stuff they pawn off as food, industrial/ agricultural waste, and EMFs. Even the medicine is poison.

However, there are products you use now that you probably should be concerned about that you do have control over. Read labels, and know what it is in the products you consume. Are there any establishments that you would benefit from frequenting less, or toxic people you hang out with whose lifestyle is wreaking havoc on your health? Take inventory and make some necessary changes today. This is a habitude.

Here are some immediate ways that you can clean up the toxins in your environment:

Replace any conventional products you have with cleaner products: shampoos, deodorant, soaps, lotions, lip balms, make-up, toothpaste, cleaning agents in your home and workplace, laundry detergent, candles, room sprays, and other perfumed products. This includes limiting toxic people/places/habits…

3. Begin each day hydrated.

Chronic dehydration is the underlying problem for many health issues. The best tip I can personally offer is to start each morning with a large glass of purified water. Do not allow yourself any other liquids, until you have drunk a full glass (12-20 ounces).

When thirst signals are ignored, mild complaints become chronic problems (high blood pressure, acid reflux, migraines, persistent muscle cramps, etc.).

A great book on the physiology of water and our bodies is ‘Your Bodies Many Cries for Water’ by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD. He says, “You aren’t sick, you’re thirsty.” Knowing why hydration is so important is a great motivator.

4 .  Assist your body daily with regular opportunities for cleansing.

We are all exposed to more chemicals in one day than our great grandparents were in their entire life span. More than our livers, kidneys, and spleens can handle. However, there are dozens of ways to encourage cleansing that can help us from accumulating more toxins than is healthy.

Here are a few holistic ideas to get you started; that, if properly implemented, will foster flow and continuous cleansing:

Eating whole-enzyme-rich foods, juicing (mainly vegetables), taking a balanced fiber supplement, intermittent fasting combined with healthy eating, stretching, deep breathing (add essential oils like eucalyptus), dry skin brushing, taking charcoal, clay, greens, or other cleansing herbs or agents, lymphatic drainage massage, infrared sauna, journaling.

5. Receive bodywork monthly

Often seen as a luxury, bodywork is a necessity. Bodywork has helped many people restore and maintain the quality of their lives, so they can continue doing the activities they love and avoid unnecessary medical interventions. It helps to mend the wear and tear living produces, speeds up injury recovery time, and even prevents it.  It’s a great way to thank your loyal companion and honor it for all that it does for you.

6. Stretch and self-massage

Another practice that can’t be over-emphasized, is daily stretching with self-massage. Whether it be yoga or not, stretching will greatly prolong youthfulness and will create an unbreakable bond between your mind and your body. It is preventative medicine and embodied health at its finest.

7. Have your medicine cabinet prepared before you get sick.

One of the things people do that leads them to revert to man-made molecules (instead of natural methods) is NOT being prepared before illness or injury strikes. The beautiful part of using nature’s medicine is that you are healthier than before you got sick, not more worn down and depleted.

For more on medicine cabinet preparedness

 8. Connect with nature every day.

Walk in the forest. Connect with the trees and bodies of water. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the earth. Play in the dirt. Care for plants and garden. Bond with animals. Having a relationship with nature further builds and extends our connection to our bodies.

 9. Everyday self-care

Do one self-care deed every day. Have a nice long stretch, soak in a hot mineral bath, receive bodywork, give yourself a facial, drink vegetable juice, go to an exercise class, journal for an hour, and go on a special date with yourself. Anything that fills up your cup. At least one thing every day.

10. Continue to grow and expand

Find suitable and inspired ways to do personal development work, so that you continue to expand and become wiser. As living beings, we are either growing or dying. Continue to learn, try new things, and be willing to change your mind.

The pathway to aging gracefully lies in keeping the body strong yet supple. Proper hydration, stretching, movement, eating whole, cleansing foods, forgiveness-gratitude, and bodywork, are all fantastic ways of achieving radiant health.

There are more ways, these are just 10. Don’t forget the importance of movement and sleep. Or having a team of allies to support you…

May we all embody health and wholeness!