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Pain in the neck, head, or jaw can be nerve-wracking, making simple activities challenging. Activities like chewing, talking, turning your head, sleeping, concentrating, listening, being vertical without pain, or going out in daylight without sunglasses.  I've met so many people who have confessed to me that they aren't fond of the idea of taking pain meds every day because of the side effects of long-term use. Not feeling certain that a night guard while sleeping [...]


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There is no denying that we are bombarded with a plentitude of poor influences on our health every day. Go to almost any store, restaurant, or entertainment establishment, and you are left with hardly any choice but to offend your body. Yet, if you don’t want to take your health for granted, then finding ways to counterbalance the impact of living life on planet Earth is required. Here is an incomplete list of things we [...]


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We are blessed with one body for our entire lifetime. Only ONE. That’s it! Our body is a blessing, to say the least. And, if you think about it, in a physical sense, our bodies are one of the most loyal and dutiful companions we will ever have.By divine design, the human body is built to be simultaneously sensitive and resilient, and capable of incredible healing abilities. We need a sturdy healthy vehicle to do our [...]


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When I first started massage school, I initially thought I’d be entering into the spa industry. However, before I was even finished with my training, I discovered that I had a therapeutic bent in my style. And then during my advanced training, I had to do case studies in my practical work, witnessing and documenting the effects of consecutive bodywork sessions. This provided context for how massage works as a therapy. After starting my private [...]

#5 Way to Love and Protect Your Body: – Have Your Medicine Cabinet Stocked Before Illness Strikes

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You have the best chances at nipping illness in the bud if you start taking medicine right at the onset of symptoms. You can help prevent getting sick by boosting up your immune system before or at the time of exposure. At the latest, you want to start attacking it the second your head starts feeling funny, your throat gets scratchy, or you become lethargic and achy. It's not very wise to wait until after you [...]

#3 Way to Love and Protect Your Body: Understand Basic Human Physiology & Nutrition

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In an ideal world,  we would all carry knowledge about how to care for our bodies. Healthfulness would be emphasized more comprehensively during our formative years. We would learn human physiology (how the body functions) and nutrition to the same degree we do math and reading. This knowledge would be passed along to us from our tribe - our parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and caretakers. It would be a cultural thing. We would be brought up knowing [...]

Alleviating Headaches Naturally with Bodywork

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There is certainly a time and place for consuming pain-relieving drugs to alleviate headaches quickly and easily. And then there are times when the pains calls for a wiser more involved choice. When the pain is demanding you look deeper than the loudest symptoms and when more support is needed. Not just band-aid fixes or chemical blocks to mask pain.  The more chronic tension and stress have been in our body, the more outside intervention we [...]

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