We are blessed with one body for our entire lifetime. Only ONE. That’s it! Our body is a blessing, to say the least. And, if you think about it, in a physical sense, our bodies are one of the most loyal and dutiful companions we will ever have.

By divine design, the human body is built to be simultaneously sensitive and resilient, and capable of incredible healing abilities. We need a sturdy healthy vehicle to do our good work in the world, to serve our purpose. Having our health is an indispensable asset.

Total health, though, is not a destination you will arrive at and stay forever (not until you don’t have a body). It is an ever-unfolding accumulation of a lifetime of daily practices, habits, and experiences. There is no one magic silver bullet or one-size-fits-all way to achieve health. It takes doing all the things, day after day. The more daily practices, skills, and resources we have for health and healing, the more prepared we will be. Not just physically. Mind-Body-and Spirit.

Life is full of hardship, injury, and disease and we will collect many scars that must be kept soft, or they start to tug on us. Taking time to learn about how the body functions, how to fuel it, assist it in mending wounds, or do the things necessary to reverse or prevent illness – will serve us well in life, and taking proactive steps before a crisis occurs can put you at a major advantage.

Where does one even begin?

Most people don’t begin their journey in health until a crisis or breakdown occurs. Starting with what is immediate is a more obvious place to begin. This is where pain becomes a messenger. Start broad and then begin to refine.

Having tools for healing will equip us to weather life’s storms and determine how gracefully we will age.

Contemplating subjects such as psychology, philosophy, ethics, can help us understand our human nature. Exploring our beliefs and how they dictate our actions and behaviors and transforming our mental/emotional hurt to things that make us stronger… takes time and consistent effort but can certainly have beneficial consequences for how we approach our health.

Some of the deepest healing we will ever do is spiritual. Our underlying beliefs about the grander scheme of things will dictate the way we show up, and the principles we live by and will affect how we care for ourselves and the people in our lives. Being strong in faith, being strong in mind, and taking action are all part of what is required of us to embody health. For some, this may be the first place to start.

We can’t remain healthy or heal alone. We are interdependent beings and support is necessary. Relationships are required, especially with our Higher Power. Sometimes it takes a team, a network of support to help us heal so that we may return to a state of health. Not just doctors to address your symptoms but also counselors/coaches, bodyworkers (massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors), and other professionals who will help you get to the root of the problem.

It also requires that we learn to be our own health advocates when our culture doesn’t teach us how. We must learn to say no (or yes) and have healthy boundaries on behalf of our bodies. We must remain mindful about who we spend our time with, and whose opinions we put our trust in. The people we surround ourselves with influence our health greatly.

Having a preventative, health-oriented mindset is something one must cultivate intentionally. We must learn how to address insults and injuries properly. We must acknowledge pain. Listen to it because it is not just going to go away completely on its own. A pill won’t fix it. And our bodies keep a record of everything that happens to us.

All things considered, consistency is key. Health is not a luxury, it’s a lifestyle and the hard truth is, you can pay now, or you can pay later. It’s your choice.

Health is a journey, not a destination. Have with you the tools and the support you will need for a lifetime of attending to the companion who loyally serves you and was placed in your care.