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Pain in the neck, head, or jaw can be nerve-wracking, making simple activities challenging. Activities like chewing, talking, turning your head, sleeping, concentrating, listening, being vertical without pain, or going out in daylight without sunglasses.  I've met so many people who have confessed to me that they aren't fond of the idea of taking pain meds every day because of the side effects of long-term use. Not feeling certain that a night guard while sleeping [...]

Alleviating Headaches Naturally with Bodywork

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There is certainly a time and place for consuming pain-relieving drugs to alleviate headaches quickly and easily. And then there are times when the pains calls for a wiser more involved choice. When the pain is demanding you look deeper than the loudest symptoms and when more support is needed. Not just band-aid fixes or chemical blocks to mask pain.  The more chronic tension and stress have been in our body, the more outside intervention we [...]

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