The “No Pain, No Gain” Mindset Won’t Serve You in Bodywork

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Every now and then, a new client will come in and request a really deep massage for their session.  Some of them tell me, I can’t go hard enough. Let me first preface that manual therapists work with a wide spectrum of pain thresholds. Some clients can handle only a very light, gentle touch. While others are on the other extreme, with a much higher tolerance for pain, often accompanied with a strong desire for a [...]


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When we start receiving bodywork and initiate the release of tensions held within our body, that we've probably been building up for quite some time; we cannot always be certain of what will come up for you. To be felt, both during and after your treatment. There is NO predicting what you will find and what will result. It's an adventure. A journey, really.  The ONE thing you CAN be certain of on this voyage [...]

14 Ways to Love and Protect Your Body – #4 Be Your Body’s Advocate

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Having even the slightest understanding of how a body functions and what it takes to nourishes them properly (as we discussed in #3 - Understand Basic Human Physiology and Nutrition) is progress towards loving and protecting your body.  But you must also be able to walk into any health care practitioner’s office and make informed decisions. While navigating your health concerns with your healthcare system, you will at times face some serious questions and need to [...]

Phoenix Not Failure

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After six years of practicing massage, and two failed attempts before, my dream of creating a wellness center finally manifested. For years, I had entertained the idea of a coming together with a group of holistic health-care providers to form a one-stop-shop wellness community. I envisioned a single location where a person could experience high-quality, personalized, alternative care. Not only would a client be able to have a team of people supporting them on every level [...]

Alleviating Headaches Naturally with Bodywork

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There is certainly a time and place for consuming pain-relieving drugs to alleviate headaches quickly and easily. And then there are times when the pains calls for a wiser more involved choice. When the pain is demanding you look deeper than the loudest symptoms and when more support is needed. Not just band-aid fixes or chemical blocks to mask pain.  The more chronic tension and stress have been in our body, the more outside intervention we [...]